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The Dissected Attention Network

15 minute read

This notebook is based on the Pytorch “Translation with a Sequence to Sequence Network and Attention” tutorial by Sean Robertson. Most of the code is taken f...

Vulcanus in Japan: Arrival

3 minute read

The first of September of 2019. That was the designated date when all participants had to arrive in Tokyo. As I was planning to visit China as well, I decide...

Vulcanus in Japan: Application

4 minute read

Vulcanus in Japan is a program organized by the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation, sending 30 European engineering / science students every year to ...

An RNN that learns to talk like you

14 minute read

I would like to share a personal project I am working on, that uses sequence-to-sequence models to reply to messages in a similar way to how I would do it (i...

Bias versus Variance Explained

3 minute read

As most things in this blog will be, this entry attempts to explain bias vs variance the way that I found it to be the most clear and enlightening.

How to write an LL(1) parser

9 minute read

Let’s have a look at how to build an LL(1) parser and what considerations we need to make when writing an LL(1) grammar.

I’m starting a blog!

2 minute read

So, I decided to start a blog. I always wanted to maintain one but the work that it would involve, together with the apparent low reward, always kept me away...